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Why isn't there a forum for voters to discuss ideas, as well as vote on them. Get rid of poli parties, all big decisions are decided by US.

The land of the free sure doesn't have a powerful voice, brainwashed by television while our politicians screw around with our money.

I feel we need a nation wide open discussion forum with a voting system, we have too many politicians while the people don't have a voice. We have the technology to be able to vote collectively on anything that comes to mind. The people can create the ideas, and the people can vote on them. Some people may say the general population don't know enough to make laws, but without being able to contribute, without their opinion counting, why should they learn? Information is all over the internet on basically anything and everything, and everyone has access nowadays, the libraries may need to buy some more computers though.
I'm not saying the general population should have its say on every single law, etc. Some things are too small and only the people interested would care enough to vote. I just think we should have a place to discuss ideas, much like this site, but then come up with a plan and actually vote on it, with the governments full support. Do we want to stop GMO's? Do we want fluoridated water? Do we want 100 square miles in Nevada to be dedicated to solar panels? Do we want the raw safety data and the ability to set our own exposure limits? Do we want free healthcare? Free education? Better education for our children? Less unemployment?
With ever increasing technological advances there are less jobs, and the ones available are becoming more advanced, requiring more education. A masters will get you where a bachelors used to, if that. Will a PhD be required for our children? A PhD along with 100k in debt? With who knows how much taxes to support the increasing and aging retired population.
There are many problems facing us, and the government is in a power struggle. I believe that collectively we can do a much better job at solving the issues with simple popular votes. The current system is just too slow.


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  • Feb 11 2014: Pure Democracy such as you propose results in the Majority taking away the rights of the Minority. It is a GOOD thing that there is a long process and many varied special interests that must be navigated to change a law. Instant voting and enactment of laws based on popular demand would be a disaster. Can you imagine turning off the TV at halftime of the Super Bowl because your team was losing, then waking up to find out that nipple rings and Pop music are banned because Janet Jackson had a 'wardrobe malfunction'?

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