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What do you think about a monthly TED magazine?

Whether in paper or an e-edition I propose that a TED magazine would be a great publication. I'm guessing they have discussed this at length, maybe it is already in the works.

What would you like to see in it? Debates? Great photography? World Issues? Stimulating articles?

  • Jan 13 2014: Online monthly mag would be great, pulling together in different topics the latest news
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    Jan 13 2014: I think it could be a good idea: the amount of information added into TED.com in a month is huge and it would help to receive a monthly magazine that sum up what happened.
    I would imagine it as on-line with direct links to talks!
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    Jan 11 2014: I would love it. I wont miss any issue of it.
  • Jan 11 2014: I am assuming you mean an On-line magazine, haven't we destroyed enough forest and animals yet? I am not against any education in any form and we all learn differently so why not try it. The truth is I like most of the way they already do things. "If it is not broken, why fix it?"- Chris Anderson
    I often read the transcriptions below the talks as some people are hard for me to understand and it gives me time to stop and look up a term that is not familiar. However I would not like to see it on the screen unless they are not speaking English.
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    Jan 10 2014: I'm indifferent. The most important part of TED for me is TED conversations, and that can only work over the Net.
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    Jan 10 2014: David, I always add the script when I view a talk ... so i am a reader / listener. I usually view/listen twice to get the full exposure. I think it is important to see the speakers expressions and gestures not what he has said in print alone. Often the printed version leaves out the charts and graphs.

    I think that a mag could be popular but would it be cost effective ... if given the choice would you select TED Magazine and discontinue TED the web site? It may come to that if a magazine were published.

    How the idea is spread is not as important as making it available. To publish in many languages would be cost prohibitive compared to the current methods.

    Would I read it ... Yes. However I like the many options I now enjoy.

    All the best. Bob.
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      Jan 10 2014: Great thought that you raised - I wonder how many people view the text while watching a TED video. It doesn't work for everybody but it is a nice option. I have also just read some talks and not watched the video at all.
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    Jan 10 2014: I'm having trouble seeing what the value added would be beyond what is available on the TED.com site now. Perhaps if it were like a bulletin with centralized pointers to what's new on each of the TED -related platforms? Not sure...
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      Jan 10 2014: I'm not sure either, it was just a thought as I assume a lot of TED followers are voracious readers and would enjoy it as well as some people that would prefer reading versus the videos.