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What book have you read that everyone should read and why?

Many books have a profound effect on us and stay with us for the rest of our lives. Help us all to discover this new gem that we may not have found!

For example "The Giving Tree" for its lessons on unconditional love and selflessness


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    Jan 31 2014: Reading is breathing for me and I love literature. Have read quite books from various genres, like, Classics, Philosophy, Business, Fiction, Inspirational and many more.
    The book I loved till now very much is, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell . This piece of literature has it's own essence of joyous reading. I recommend this because it encompasses the biography of ideas in a wonderful manner throughout every crisp page of it. Added to that, this book is a must read also because, it helps one to cross limit of a particular social behaviour. Overall, a beautifully crafted piece.
    • Feb 1 2014: Consider Blink the art of thinking without thinking by Malcolm Gladwell

      I bought both books one about a year before the other and never got to read the first one which was the tipping point... I have also heard that the last one Malcolm put out David and Goliath redefines the notion of who had the actual advantage in that encounter ...

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