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What book have you read that everyone should read and why?

Many books have a profound effect on us and stay with us for the rest of our lives. Help us all to discover this new gem that we may not have found!

For example "The Giving Tree" for its lessons on unconditional love and selflessness


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  • Jan 14 2014: 1. "Games People Play". The title sounds confrontational but to me it was a book that stayed with me all my life. The concept is humans live in three healthy 'ego-states' . . .Parent, Child and Adult. The author cries foul if and when someone gets hurt in a human interaction. It's a non-religious analysis of human nature with the basic premise that it's wrong to hurt someone (including yourself). It helped me to eventually understand suicide bombers; the most tragic game.
    2. "L.E.T." (Leadership Effectiveness Training). A style of leadership explained in a book.
    3. "Tobacco Road". I like books about the American south.
    4. 1984
    I like Bill Bryson and William Faulkner for writers also.

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