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What book have you read that everyone should read and why?

Many books have a profound effect on us and stay with us for the rest of our lives. Help us all to discover this new gem that we may not have found!

For example "The Giving Tree" for its lessons on unconditional love and selflessness


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    Jan 10 2014: Couple of books!
    If you are really into books -specially philosophy- "Leviathan" is amazing, it defines everything that you need a definition for in the way you think, and if you want to get attracted to philosophy "101 Philosophy problems" can really blow you mind (for heaven sake don't start philosophy with "Sophie's World"), and if you want a book to finish very soon, "The Art of War" won't disappoint you.
    In non-philosophical books, "1984" and Shakespeare's plays are awesome.
    When I was younger, "A Series of Unfortunate Events" really worthed to be read.
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      Jan 10 2014: I agree with your 'Sophie's World' comment. It's where I started ... and stopped. Although, to be fair, I know some have found it mind-blowing. '101 Philosophy Problems' sounds fun, though, so I'm off to the library! Thanks, Amirpouya (and David)
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        Jan 11 2014: Fortunately 101 was what I started with.
        Actually I borrowed that 10 times from my high school's library and finaly bought that about two months ago.
        There are good books like that, like "Reason and Religious Belief", which has articles from both different ideas in each subject, or "50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know" is even better, which I've just started to read.
        Unfortunately ther are a huge number of books in philosophy just saying how ancient philosophers thought, like Sophie's World etc., killing new ideas and passion.
        It's interesting, one of the greatest and almost the first of philosophers, Socrates, never wrote a book or article, because he believed philosophy is not a thing to be taught from a book, it must to be argued on from both sides, the teacher and the student !
        You find a good book, you go to reading once more. Promised !

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