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Being happy all the time is not emotionaly healthy

Happiness is a thing we strive for in our cultures. we read self-help books and watch all people talking about being more happy. It's gone to the point that happiness is what we want on a daily bases. I too like to look for happiness but I realize that sadness, anger, stress and fear are too emotions to be felt as well.

The obsession of happiness causes us to ignore our other emotions that we do not want to feel, but these emotions are crucial to our way of life and reasoning. if we do ignore the symptoms of our other emotions then we would be enslaved by them always looking for happiness crowded in negativity.

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    Jan 10 2014: I don't think happiness is the unhealthy thing in your description above. It's the obsession part that is unhealthy. All things in moderation!
  • Jan 10 2014: I don't look for happiness, my only goal is to have a clear conscience.