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"How seriously does our ability to imagine others in our minds impact our understanding of others in real life?"

We have natural internal abilities to act as a few personalities within our minds. This intuitive acting ability helps us understand others, as well as situations where others are involved.

The more closely we manage to play other characters in our mind the greater we may understand others.
I believe that eventually each of us develops one dominating/leading character, therefore, we identify this character as our own Self. The rest of imaginable characters commonly play only "supportive" roles on the stage of one's personal reality.

When we need to improve ourselves, we are able to find/create not only a new role to play in mind but also to find the way to express in our new actions.

We begin to imitate our parents, cats and dogs, aircrafts and trains in our very early childhood. As adults we laugh at this kind of early stage of acting, but our minds keep acting to the rest of our life. Without internal acting our minds cannot produce any thought.

This amazing instinctive talent, I think, may be developed if we could have learned to explore this talent more consciously in thinking, researching and communicating.

JONAS SALK has described how he conducted his important research by behaving himself as living cells.
He also said:

The art of science is as important as so-called technical science. You need both. It's this combination that must be recognized and acknowledged and valued. ..You can have a team of unconventional thinkers, as well as conventional thinkers. If you don't have the support of others you cannot achieve anything altogether on your own. It's like a cry in the wilderness. In each instance there were others who could see the same thing, and there were others who could not. It's an obvious difference we see in those who you might say have a bird's eye view, and those who have a worm's eye view. I've come to realize that we all have a different mind set, we all see things differently...


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    Jan 17 2014: Perception is always a tricky thing Vera.
    What we interpret from our perception can branch off from reality via imagination. Only those who can put
    themselves in the shoes of others can really see their perspective and understand them.
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      Jan 17 2014: Yes, Poch. I was always wondering Why we are so limited, and perceive only what we see on the surface. As Kant wrote - no matter how many times we cut an apple we would not be able to get into its own real nature, but alsways see its appearances.

      Why I started this conversation? Years ago I came to realise that Our own minds are more creative and surprising than any art, tangible structures or scientific discoveries.

      In order to even eventually see something using our corporeal sight our minds must go through a very complicated process. Our minds, not brains, do the work that an artist does while painting: comparing, selecting, focusing and composing images, thoughts, even scenarios of our internal realities, moreover a mind does this instinctively in every moment!! Before we may comprehend what is happening - the actual objective world is already changed, transformed into new worlds… The universe we may see (and calculate) has to be "constructed" within our mind through perceptions, long before we eventually can look at it - it is already a buit-in landscape which we have created by instinctive sensations, and perceptions of sensations.

      We have to build our reality only within our minds. Something that great George Berkeley and later Kant struggled to explain…. I trust we can discover WHY we have to be so artistic in order to experience our realities.

      Our own minds are the most fascinating artists and actors we may ever know in this life.

      I'm wondering why people feel so much confidence when they say they KNOW something or somebody.
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        Jan 17 2014: You are a bookworm that have consumed dozens of philosophy books,
        right Vera?

        How real is reality? There was a philosopher that said everything is illusion, i.e., everything
        we see now will be gone tomorrow (in the future).

        I had a convo titled Are Art and Reality Opposites?
        How real is art?
        There is one thing realistic in art: Crime forensic photography. When there is possible evidence in victim's genitalia, the police photographer or ID technician is required to make photos appear as real and convincing as possible. And that is realistic art.
        Here are some of our feedbacks:

        Art is the artistic expression of someone's interpretation of reality.
        We may also say every artist try to clarify their perspectives of the world through art.

        'Art is simply a different view of "reality/perception" in an individuals mind that is actualized
        in the physical world. So, just as the roots are as much of the tree as the tree is of its roots,
        art and "reality" are but one.'

        'I'm wondering why people feel so much confidence when they say they KNOW something
        or somebody...'
        When we say we KNOW something or somebody, we're declaring that something is reality.
        And something only becomes reality when two people agree it exists.
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          Jan 18 2014: Well, I have not been called a "bookworm", not even once. If you mean "bookworm - a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit" I'm not that person.

          I do have a few thousand books in my house (one of the reasons is because I do not want to be a fool who asks the same questions already answered thousands of years ago). People who know me well see me as a (very) original artist (in painting, writing/composing music , even cooking..) I'm a workaholic, obviously.

          I'm driven not by what I read in books, but by what I can discover on my own, based on my own experience - independently from any existing concepts or ideas. I do compare what I discover with what is already known. I'm an independent artist and researcher, desperately wondering about life and its natural mystery, so drastically different from our popular concepts.

          The thoughts I'm sharing here, through these tiny post spaces, are my original, except a couple of famous ideas that I bring out, but always describe with a reference, mentioning the authors.
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        Jan 18 2014: The most accepted meaning of 'bookworm' is simply:
        someone who reads a lot. And that's what I mean too. Hyperactive (like me)
        rather than workaholic, seems more like you.

        I can't imagine persons being driven more by books rather than experiences except some
        psychos and socios.

        Nothing wrong with citing authors as long as your thoughts are original as you claimed.
        And your thoughts are indeed interesting Vera.
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          Jan 18 2014: I like to read your comments no matter what you say, Poch. You're a very open person, a rare treat!
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        Jan 18 2014: I hope you're very open too (not shy) Vera but I don't mind since you're a rare treat too :-D

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