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Signing the evolutionary petition for Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) for Adults for emancipatory welfare UK, abolishing benefit systems

Many thought it couldn't be suggested; that the government do their job and allocate the resources so that each adult may have the basic requirements to be responsible for their rights. But this petition is not only meeting the UK, it is urging the European Union at large.

It's been calculated that providing the adult population with a minimum wage is actually affordable and will annihilate the need of this 'beggar's penance' benefit system.

I know it's hard to imagine... sitting amongst your family and no longer hearing the complaints of willingly unemployed people sponging off the tax payers who don't see a fair return in their contributions. There would no longer be the indignant protesting from the artists, the illness trodden or redundant that they have no other choice but to be marginalised to queues of self pitying and embarrassed benefit seekers.

The rich might always be getting richer (and a lot might deserve to) but the poor or struggling will have their fighting chance to be amongst the strong of their country. The people of the UK would be empowered,
and that is the direction all societies should have always been striving for.

I know it's scary to imagine an empowered society.... but that's exactly how people thought when women's rights were introduced!
It's another step in progress and a vital step to gear us out of this crisis and onto higher ground. The more choice we have the more education would be prioritised and the less we would be spending millions on our youth being killed in battles abroad for certain societal level's own gain.

A lot would evolve- suddenly people would be responsible for their own lives and their communities: that's what we were born to be.

100 000 votes are needed for this petition to reach parliament discussions.

  • Jan 10 2014: I surely hope this will become reality one day, not just for the UK or Europe, but for the whole world.
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    Jan 13 2014: Why is it scary to you to imagine an empowered society (You write "I know it's scary to imagine...")? Are you saying you, your family, and friends would surely have such fears, or is it something you are assuming of others in the UK?
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    Jan 12 2014: I believe in a strong work ethic ... giving a hand up not a hand out ... and would never sign anything that has unconditional in the wording. I read a post last week that said UBI and had in parenthesis (not socialism or communism) if it wasn't then why did he need to explain it ... or why would we think it?

    We need less government and less interference ... less social programs ... that alone would solve much of our economic woes.

    Sorry I just can't support this.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Jan 12 2014: Bob,

      After receiving comments for about three weeks that inclined that people thought that UBI was equal to communism I decided to put it in the title that it wasn't.

      It isn't and the need to explain this apparently comes from NOT BEING UNDERSTOOD that it isn't! I think that you think it because you confuse UBI, communism and socialism to be the same thing.
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        Jan 13 2014: Jimmy, First thanks for letting me know what I think ... that for three weeks people all thought that UBI was aligned with socialist / communist ideology should tell you that there MAY be a connection.

        On the other hand WE could all be wrong and YOU could be right.

        I do not have any confusion ... I see the connection. Redistribution of wealth in any form is a socialist / communist concept.

        Sorry that you are .. as you say ... "NOT BEING UNDERSTOOD".
    • Jan 14 2014: Bob,

      I agree with you. We need to make sure we are giving people a hand up. The question is how to do this? People have tried but nothing seems to work.
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        Jan 14 2014: Yeah .. thats the rub. A welfare director in the USA made all of the people there to get a check board a bus. He took them to a work site and said when it was clean they would get the checks. They sued .. he was fired ... they got a big settlement check ... plus the welfare check.

        You cannot instill a work ethic in people you continue to enable at being a member of a nanny state.

        If I give you food, housing, educational opportunities, money, medical care, goods, and transportation for having children out of wedlock ... you would be silly to stop having babies out of wedlock. We created that monster. Anyone can make a mistake and we should help them ... but when it becomes for fun and profit we are the ones in error.

        When that type of mentality stops at the top ... changes will occur at the bottom.

        If you have a screaming child who will scream until he gets ice cream ... do you reward him with ice cream every time he screams ... let him scream ... when he sees it is not a winning situation he will stop. If he continues to win ... buy ear plugs ... he will never stop.

        These are their decisions ... if they see it is a bad decision ... things will change ... reward good decisions not bad ones.

        This will not work on those already in the nanny state. They are conditioned.

        Thanks for the reply Wayne. I wish you well. Bob.
  • Jan 10 2014: Hi Andoru!

    Well I'm surprised by the lack of response in the UK for this petition... people seem complacent to remain complaining about the system they live in now. They also promote monarchy mentality a lot. I am so glad to hear someone give positive feedback, a lot of people I know seem to have this belief that equality is for lazy people.
    Having grown up in the third world, it's an honour to have rights and it's an insult not to promote the best for communities with these rights
    • Jan 10 2014: Agreed, funny thing is I'm also from a supposed "3rd-world country". That notion is only meant to divide people. I intended to move to the UK once but I gave up on the thought, considering another country. Romania (where I'm from) until this year had restrictions for emigration to UK. What's staggering is that the whole parliament decided to scapegoat this group of people (immigrants) for their problems and the lack of care people get. I just wish more people would sign this petition... This way I wouldn't be forced to relocate (even though I intend to do it anyway, I want to live in a different society than the one I'm into) and people would actually be able to do what they really wish to do, in turn maximising satisfaction in all the possible aspects and raise the standard of living and mental health of many.
      According to this:, in the 3 days left for the petitions, about 780.000 more are needed and 4 more countries need to pass their threshold levels. So in other words I doubt the proposition is going to pass this time, but I'm sure that it will come up again, we just have to keep looking. Also some other countries outside EU are getting interested in this idea, which I think it's always a good thing.

      People aren't naturally lazy, just disinterested and dispirited, all it comes from being forced into doing things they don't like. People always want to contribute stuff, even if it's not for a community or for humanity as a whole, there are always activities to be taken.