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Print money to pay for healthcare. Money that does not need to be repaid.

Every government should be allowed to print free money to pay for healthcare.
Why should people pay for healthcare? Why should taxpayers pay for healthcare? Print free money to pay for healthcare. Print money to pay all expenses hospitals incur from maintenance to payrolls to medicines to equipment to everything. Money is printed and used to pay hospital bills. That money then circulates in the economy.


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  • Jan 10 2014: Someone sets the value of money. I don't sit at home looking at my money and telling myself that today my dollar is only worth 50 cents but tomorrow when I get paid it will be worth $1.50. Whoever sets the value of money needs to take into consideration that money being printed to pay for healthcare is not to be considered to devalue its worth.
    • Jan 13 2014: The value of money is a complicated mess of a topic, but the gist of it is supply and demand, not the decisions of any one person or regulating body.

      You'd be amazed how many crucial things and concepts have no one group in charge of them. Some even work better for it.
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      Jan 13 2014: you said somewhere else that the value of money is in our heads. now you say someone sets it. can i conclude that someone sets the state of our minds? how?

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