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Do you think China will be the next Superpower? Really?

My study of history leads me to believe that the "China as a Superpower" talk is a bit too exaggerated. I find a few discrepancies which I believe will block China from achieving such a feat. there are as follows:

1. Geography - China has always been isolated due to the fact there landscape ... well it sucks. Siberia in the north, down south you have the Himalayas and jungle regions, no really great trade routes but one and most of the population is in the east and on the coastal regions.

2. A small problem with the economics called NPL (Non Performing Loans)

3. No Navy, which is important strategically if you're going to be a Superpower you must be War ready!

4. Produce household brands that sell on a world market.

5. Produce POP CULTURE (believe it or not) that can sell on a world market.

6. Allow more freedoms for it's people

I love China's growth and hope to visit one day but superpower... NOT!


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    May 3 2011: The U.S. economy will collapse within the year due to the loss of faith in the "almighty" dollar. Who does that leave to fill the gap?
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        May 3 2011: Nichola- I think you have so much information and insight to offer to the discussion. We would love to have your input and insights from your time in Bejing. Why do you believe what you do and what have you experienced?
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        May 3 2011: HI Nichola, I was corresponding for awhile with the gentleman who ran the website called The Middle Kingdom. He was teaching at a University in China and was a former forensic psychiatrist (I believe) from Miami Dade. He was pretty disillusioned about his experience and was moving with his Philipino wife to Dubai. I learned a lot from him and do not have my rose coloured glasses on too tightly.If you would be open to giving more information, advice, feedback etc, I can be reached through the TED profile section and I will happily supply an email address directly. I would be grateful for any insights that could save me a bit of culture shock.

        With gratitude for your encouraging words,
        PS- What are you still doing up?
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        May 3 2011: Well Nichola- one more- if its educational!

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