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Do you think China will be the next Superpower? Really?

My study of history leads me to believe that the "China as a Superpower" talk is a bit too exaggerated. I find a few discrepancies which I believe will block China from achieving such a feat. there are as follows:

1. Geography - China has always been isolated due to the fact there landscape ... well it sucks. Siberia in the north, down south you have the Himalayas and jungle regions, no really great trade routes but one and most of the population is in the east and on the coastal regions.

2. A small problem with the economics called NPL (Non Performing Loans)

3. No Navy, which is important strategically if you're going to be a Superpower you must be War ready!

4. Produce household brands that sell on a world market.

5. Produce POP CULTURE (believe it or not) that can sell on a world market.

6. Allow more freedoms for it's people

I love China's growth and hope to visit one day but superpower... NOT!


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    Apr 28 2011: HI ....Chris
    I would suggest you go, and live , for few weeks , in China (be careful , as NY is NOT AMerica , Beijin , or Shanghay is NOT China.. it is JUST a town of China.
    COnsider some simple reality..
    CHina is the ONLY place in the globe , where a Province (not a nation , or a state ..!!) has 300MIllions people.(US)
    CHina was used to manage large and spread communities roughly 1000 years ago.
    China understand power , USa does NOT!! Difficult to digest , but basic thruth!!!
    China is welll positioned to become a world power , both economically and militarly (militar power do not need democracy , unfortunately)
    If money give power ..... China own USA debts , and they can recall their money whenever they want .!!
    COnsequences?? Immediate USA bankruptcy , probably war that US can not win.
    Did you notice hat last week , the BRIC leaders met , without any OECD country leader being present????WHY?
    Until US will put an END to GUantanamo , death penalty , gunshot at schools ,Lobbying/corruption.........
    we will be in a bad position to push , or teach to others.
    The chinese culture is so much reacher,deeper , and older than the USA , that they can teach.it.
    The chinese population was NEVER communist , they were , and still are , collectivist , totally different concept.
    YES They are nationalists... less than US citizens.
    They are NOT as we believe they are ..... we are not as they believe we are
    Very few chinese do have passports , as very few americans does. Little communication between populations.
    CHina is a better melting pot , compared to USA , and so was for the last 1000 years......
    GO and live there ....... understand their culture and you will probably adjust your pre-judgement ,
    while helping them to adjust theirs.
    At least try it !!!!!!
    Salud , amor , dinero , e tiempo para gustarlo.

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