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Do you think China will be the next Superpower? Really?

My study of history leads me to believe that the "China as a Superpower" talk is a bit too exaggerated. I find a few discrepancies which I believe will block China from achieving such a feat. there are as follows:

1. Geography - China has always been isolated due to the fact there landscape ... well it sucks. Siberia in the north, down south you have the Himalayas and jungle regions, no really great trade routes but one and most of the population is in the east and on the coastal regions.

2. A small problem with the economics called NPL (Non Performing Loans)

3. No Navy, which is important strategically if you're going to be a Superpower you must be War ready!

4. Produce household brands that sell on a world market.

5. Produce POP CULTURE (believe it or not) that can sell on a world market.

6. Allow more freedoms for it's people

I love China's growth and hope to visit one day but superpower... NOT!


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  • Apr 28 2011: I think the better question is... "When will the world accept that China is already a superpower?"

    And when should we stop calling it as an "Emerging Market or a Developing Country". I think China already has emerged. Their economy is now larger than Japan, the UK, France and the rest of the "Developed" world.

    China is a superpower in its own right at this point. Yes by western notion of a "superpower" ie "military might", it still haven't reached the level of the US and the USSR. (but well they're getting there.. and fast) But one thing to note about China, is that they don't need to conquer other countries to exude power and influence.

    They are influencing so many countries all over the world with their economic might, and we literally sometimes have no choice but to bow down. I am from the Philippines which has long been influenced by the US for so many years. And even from here, we can feel the extent of China's reach. Most of the infrastructure projects are financed by the Chinese. Our army's weapons are even donated by the PRC. Activities in the Diplomatic area has also been increasingly focused on China.


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