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What are some tips about dealing with life after college?

Every day college graduates are entering the real world. What are some tips or advice that you could share or you would have given yourself after leaving college?

What are some ideas in regards to not being trapped in the routine of the real world? How do we create variety and mix things up? And how do you deal with the job market being what it is? And what are some things young professionals could be doing to help build themselves up after they leave college and enter the real world?


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    Jan 23 2014: I remember the day I started my studies, when one of mine favorite teachers said- BE PASSION. So, the only tip I can give you is to find something that makes you feel passion, so you can be happy while doing it. If you love it, you will be focused by the process of doing, not only money. Your work will inspire you. The money does not have to be your priority. Priority is fulfillment and happiness, and you can rich it only if you are doing something you love and you are passion about.

    Some studies confirmed that people rather choose job places where they can find respecting and feeling peaceful, than racing for money, stress, or extra paid jobs.

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