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How has the process of globalisation affected the growth of India and what are the strategies implemented to promote growth by government?

Hans Rosling describes the growth of China and India in relation to the rest of the world, but how does the reduction of time and space through the process of globalisation affected the growth of a developing country such as India? Furthermore, what were the policies implemented by the Indian government to promote economic growth?

  • Jan 17 2014: The migration of educated and educating Indians all over the world has been true catalyst. The ideas, money and outright creating industries in India has propelled thinking in India. I was the first one from my community in a big city to come to USA. My send off was electric. Who's who in community, several hundred people came to airport at middle size city. Almost every one thought about their suns. What was trickle became avalanche. Then on their return visit ideas exploded and enterprising Indians ran with it. Without Indians in USA, Internet area would oto have grown so big so fast.I am not saying this is the only factor. However it was really big.
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    Jan 12 2014: With globalization a lot of Foreign Direct Investments have literally poured into India.
    The effect of that is small scale industries which provided employment are almost gone.
    Every thing is in the hands of the super rich.
    Since the rich own a lot of industries they keep getting richer while the people who once had their own small scale industries cannot cope with the competition and the eventually quit .
    e.g., My dad was an enterpruner and he had a small textile factory.
    Because of globalization every one wants branded clothes like Addidas and so on..
    So people never brought what was manufactured in India.
    And my dad suffered huge losses and he has shut the small factory.
    And he is now doing odd jobs.

    Globalization has really affected a lot of people in India.
    • Jan 12 2014: Thanks very much, really helpful points
  • Jan 12 2014: The policy of the Indian Government is : "Loot and Grow Rich".