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Do whatever your boss asking ,abide by the rule your superior made,does this means human rights violation?

people working for the boss and gain less salary, can't say no,have no rights to object, do the extra work whatever the boss asked.It violate my freedom.How do you think?


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    Jan 8 2014: To ask employee to work extra hours without paying and negotiation beforehand(like how it is stated in your contract with the them)is actually against the Labor Law.What have you done so far regarding that? I'm pretty sure you can complain to the local labor monitoring group or apply for arbitration if you want to be compensated,but that generally leads to leaving of your current job.Weigh over different options to make a informed decision.
    I would think that "do whatever your boss tell you "more of a leadership style rather than "individual vs collectivism"because in a authority-centralized model it is the small group that makes the decision while the majority implement them,the pro is that it takes less time to make a decision and can be very effective especially the con is that many will feel dis-engaged or their ideas not being valued.

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