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Start from your Phone and end at your Home

I totally agree with Suzanne
we MUST speak Arabic in our Arabic country
my idea is simple just start to adopt these simple steps

1- change the names stored in your phone directory from whatever language to Arabic and encourage your friends to do the same

2- When your kids get back home from their Modern English /French school DO NOT allow them to speak Other language than Arabic at home

enough what they listen at the modern school minimum 6 hours per day for English Language but one hour for Arabic language or worst in MOST modern school ZERO hour for Arabic

3- encourage your kids to speak with their friends in Arabic

Flash Back
" In my trip to a western country I meet Arabic citizen and he was surprised to see me my national dress he said "how come you are wearing this dress here !! I replied the western people when they visit our country they DON'T change their dress )

our current problem:
( we are not the first nation to reach this level)
the Spanish faced the same issue when they translated the sound of the word NOT the meaning it which made X stand for unknown instead of S(Something)

  • Jan 10 2014: Then you may want to: close your computer, cause instead of talking Arabic your kid may learn PHP, C++ or even Assembler... Or who knows - one day will start to send packets of data with his brain pulses - and may forget Arabic together with English.
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      Jan 10 2014: PHP and C++ are not Human language
      let the kids learn both human and machine language but let him first be proud of his mother tongue
      Chinese and most of the none English speaking countries
      they use both computer and phone in their native language
      why you want me to close my computer or use it English ??
      • Jan 11 2014: Are you proud of your hummer or screwdriver? Perhaps no - they are just tools. Language appears to make no difference. Perhaps you would be more skillful if you'll have more tools in your toolbox.

        With computer languages I mean that they may overtake all our languages and "kill" all known human languages including English. Just we cannot imagine so easy that far. So you may need "protection" from them too :). Unless you may want to ease the pain and let it go its own way.

        You see when new things come in usage - just because they are useful - the "old" establishment fears the change and start to resist, to oppose.

        Children use English cause initially computer languages were built in English and computers (not English speakers :) ) happened to be amassing tools. Any English speaker who is "proud" of that - its nothing but an ego display. Would it be another language - children will learn and use it with no questions. In fact only higher level computer languages use some English. Most of computer language is just 0.1 or 5Volt. And as technology advances, not to be far fetched, your child may start to talk in 0.1/5Volt :). Does knees shake now? :)
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          Jan 12 2014: see after western countries change our teaching language from Arabic to English /French
          they forget to tough us how to make hummer or screwdriver?
          so what the is use of changing our language ?
          life is a cycle one day you are on top and next your in button
          this external conditions should change your identity
          people who can not make hummer or screwdriver should abandon their Language ! and feel a shame of it !!! as per your comment
          the other point (Computer Language will never over take human Language)
          as per the current direction in computer science they want to make the computer to speak like a human not the human to say "01000001 01110011 01010011 01100001 01101100 01101101 01110101 01000001 01101100 01101001 01101011 01101111 01101101"
          just to greet each other
      • Jan 12 2014: American/French and alike elites appear to be really heavily pushing entities. Escape doesn't appear by refusing to learn a language. Perhaps is by educating people about reality. Instead of restricting with "don't" tell your children what "to". Tell your children how elites control the world by creating new money out of nothing - teach them real economics. I understand your worry - that "they" teach you only little of their tools in order to brainwash you latter. But be smart: learn only what is useful - think critical - even to yourself.

        About "1010101" - you already do - by typing here. Sure you want to do it faster. This is why one day one guy shall come up with idea to shorten somehow your words... and latter shorten again... and so on. (just a guess - opposite may be true as well).

        If 01000001 01110011 01010011 01100001 01101100 01101101 01110101 01000001 01101100 01101001 01101011 01101111 01101101 - just to great each other will take 0.001 sec - you'll go for it :)