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With so many religions, should they ALL get tax breaks?

Jews don't agree with Christians. Christians don't agree with Moslems. Moslems don't agree with Jews. Ignoring all other religions, for now (but feel free to join in if you want to) should the government stop tax breaks for all religions until one of them can prove conclusively that it's right, and all others are just 'pretenders'?

Until then, maybe the religious can pay their own way and the extra revenue can go towards paying for universal healthcare, better education, or whatever might be seen as a worthy cause for all of society?

Would you prefer your taxes go towards subsidising the building of a local temple... or a hospital wing, school, nursery, or park? (Please bare in mind that hospitals are for all, as are schools, parks, etc. and not just for one religious group!)

Please also bare in mind that this is a serious question, to be discussed, not used as an excuse to be abusive!



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    Jan 9 2014: Don't know about Jews but with in Islamic & Christianity believers different sects are there, who don't agree with each other......
    Taxing religious institutions is a great idea, as huge money are there. That money can support people who are unfortunates and religious groups should support this as they also want to do something good for people.
    • Jan 9 2014: A truly logical, sensible response... which means that if anyone tried to tax the religions, they'd be up in arms, out on the streets protesting! :0/

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