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Will science ever tell us everything there is to know?

Every day on the news, you read of break throughs, discoveries and new findings in science. But I wonder whether one day mankind will ever be able to know everything there is to know - why the universe (or indeed multiverse) exists; why laws themselves exist; and so forth.

As science moves onwards and upwards, are there any barriers that could stop us in having a theory of everything?


Closing Statement from Graihagh Jackson

I think some of the really central points made here is that to be able to know everything, means we have to be able to measure everything. Will we ever be able to measure everything? It seems unlikely. Besides, how would we ever know we knew everything? Absolute truth is unattainable and at any rate, the nature of human curiousity will inevitably mean we will continue to search for 'truths.' It seems that the majority post and comments on this debate was no - science won't tell us everything we need to know.

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  • Feb 6 2014: EINSTEIN

    Hint try IMPERIAL INCHES = base 3 = +n- = The entire Energy of the Universe does not have Ten/10 +-/01 digital yes/no; on/off; black/white etc. stamped on each, and every single energy unit of its existence; I you we, are not based on 10, and we are not approximates (Which Pi "IS"!), or robots.

    However I have faith in you; you still wont get it.


    Addendum 10th of Feb: Fact Pi is an approximation/not quite right/exact; therefore relative to the number of diameters, that go into the circles length; what number is it approximate to?
    • Feb 6 2014: Whatever you try Carl, lengths are lengths, lengths are not areas, equal perimeters with different shapes cover different areas, sides are not angular degrees, six radians will not cover a complete circumference, etc. No matter the mathematical system, make it binary, imperial, decimal, whatever, all of this will still be true. Sorry man. You are mathematically illiterate enough to be a living example of the Dunning–Kruger effect.

      Have a nice life.

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