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What is the Primary root of Human conflict?

What makes dysfunctional fears such as Xenophobia and racism and chauvinism so persistent? It seems to me that they arefounded on the conviction held by most fear based associations like the TEA party that there is not enough supply of critical resources to cover their needs. When you assume that deficits are the direct result of welfare queens and shiftless people who refuse to work and immigrants or squandered Foreign Aid then it is all too easy to justify securing resources for yourself and those you deem worthy. Instantly the end is seen to justify the means. Drug testing of welfare recipients as done in Florida have shown pitiful results. The 2% excluded does not save enough to cover the cost of the tests. Yet they are very popular like the firmly held belief that voter fraud is significant and wide spread.


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    Jan 9 2014: Language is the root of human conflict...definitions such as derelict,welfare queens..the words themselves contain a great amount of assumptions which remove our ability to KNOW ,but create groups that in nomenclature are seperate. or are falsely seen as opposites ..but really in all groups we have variations on professionalism,honesty,work ethics,tolerance,stamina,credibility.Refusing to consider all conflict is codified in a system that protects some of its most damaging words as historic or traditional allows barbaric thinking to renew itself with each generations. Words that contain cultural permission for agression towards others,or permit collective violations to receive a pass because they aquired superior nomenclature...means we fail as a culture to prohibit cultural customs or theatre to interfere in our evolution

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