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Are you truly happy with the world we currently live in?

This question is not directed at your personal life, it is NOT about how the world has treated you whether fortunately or not.

I am asking for people to sit back and try to look at the bigger picture of the world currently - mainly on current mindsets humans share, what humanity has become and will be.

As humans do we have the correct mindsets for peace or do we not?
Are humans acting correctly or are we too based on ultimately selfish and primitive needs?
Do we care enough about each other, not just family, but other humans?
Are our governments truly helping the world or not?

You don't have to include all of the above, it's just to give examples on what angle I'm coming from.


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    Jan 8 2014: The real question at hand is should we be "happy"? Complacent maybe, but not happy.

    I myself will never by "happy" with the world that we live in until worldwide suffering is ended. The United Nations Millennium Goals are a good starting point (http://www.un.org/millenniumgoals/). However, we need more effective leadership to steer us in the right direction. So far, it appears that we collectively have more power to enact this change than our world leaders. Yet it's quite difficult to collectively coordinate such substantial tasks without our leadership being on board.
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      Jan 10 2014: But I think individuals need to see themselves as leaders or capable of leading from where they are, rather than waiting for good leaders to come along.

      The millennium goals are over. New ones will be set and then 15 years later new ones again. I think these are not ever going to be as effective as the might of individuals to effect change locally--if only more individuals will see that each one is a linchpin in the story of improving the lives of others.
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        Jan 14 2014: You make a great point. Thankfully sites like TED serve as a great source for inspiring change and motivating individuals to see themselves as capable leaders regardless of their socioeconomic hurdles.

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