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Emotions or Cold Logic--Do you trust one more over the other?

Most intellectuals (many are law enforcers) degrade emotions (intuition) and avoid them. But in this Brain Wave Experiment, it was discovered that whoever feels the strongest emotion wins. And Brent Hoff believes our society is losing its ability to feel and express emotions

'"If you're in a lust competition, you could technically generate a lot of rage in your body and win, because this sensor that we have right now won't be able to tell the difference," says Hoff. "But really, if you're doing that, you probably have bigger problems."

'After watching hundreds of competitions, Hoff says he's noticed a few patterns.

"'In lust competitions, guys start almost immediately. But they basically have a hard time finishing, especially if people are watching," says Hoff. "Girls start slower and end up winning. It's so weirdly cliche."...'


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    Jan 17 2014: Finnish Study Maps Emotions Onto A Human Body
    When you hear someone say love makes you feel warm, happy, and maybe even a little tingly, did you think it was just a figure of speech? When someone says depression leaves an empty cold feeling, did you assume it was just figurative words? A recent Finnish study published on the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science set out to test those theories by creating a body atlas that displays bodily responses to emotions. To make sure they received a more complete human study, they split the test between Finnish and Taiwanese subjects. The responses matched almost perfectly, even though the two countries have major differences in culture, diet, and language. As you can see in these images, love and happiness truly do warm our entire body, while depression and not taking a stance, leave us cold and empty.

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