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Offering generous cash incentives for informing crimes and hidden identity in court

Where i live when a crime is done. Its best to act as if you have seen nothing.
Not many people from some parts of London will see the point appearing in court as a witness, criminal sent to jail then home time. Life afterwards for is dangerous. Just because the offender is locked up doesn't mean his affiliates could make them feel just as unsafe.
It makes sense for the police to be restricted with in their role with a lack of information but that expectation people will come forth with evidence when the safety of their families and own lives are at stake.
I am purposing generous cash incentives when public come forth with facts. Once claimant and accusation has been proven to be true then the they will be paid.
Many criminals will think twice about committing crimes because "street loyalty" is instantly chucked out the window. If there was some way to protect your identity and do justice more people will come forth. Less crimes will be committed as a criminal illusion of him being untouchable is gone.
The main purpose of this idea is to add a little worth for courage for members of the public and a chance for criminals to think twice before committing a crime.

  • Jan 6 2014: That's one step toward a police state.