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Bill Nye and Ken Ham will debate on Feb 2,2014. Who will Prevail?

On 2 Feb 4, 2014 " The Science guy" Bill Nye will square off against Ken Ham the CEO of Answers in Genesis at the Creationist Museum in Kentucky USA.

Mr. Ham will have home-court advantage and Mr. Nye will be walking into the "wolf's den" . In past debates of this type against William Craig secular debaters like Dr. Krauss & Sam Harris while very lucid & educated lack the polished delivery of Mr. Craig. IMO both Harris & Krauss did a wonderful job against D'Souza & D Chopra.

Now, is the debate a lost cause for both parties?Theists will not side step out of their box when their version of the Bible is countered against. Seculars don't accept revelation, faith & divine books as reliable evidence.

Mr. Ham stated that "Bill Nye still doesn't understand the difference between historical science and observational science -- so he may be known as ‘Bill Nye the science guy -- but he doesn't understand science correctly"

Mr. Nye has stated that:"'Creation Science' is not useful, because it can make no successful predictions about nature or the universe, So, it is reasonable to say the expression is an oxymoron, or simply: it's not science. It has no process of observation, hypothesis, experiment, then predicted outcome. A useful theory about time and organisms would make no distinction between 'observational' and 'historical' science."

For me the the "hot potato" should be served backwards,that is what will it take for both Nye & Ham to do a 180 from their positions. And that is the crux because if shown reasonable evidence I bet that Nye will regroup his thinking, but Ham can't because his interpretation of the Bible is without error, no matter what the evidence may show.

Your thoughts...



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    Jan 14 2014: Friends,
    Another way in which Nye is at a disadvantage when Ham starts to cite the Bible as base for circular reasoning, and also by neither demonstrating necessary and sufficient conditions to establish cause. From there Ham will rise a whole skyscraper in minutes , which will take hours for Nye to unravel to an audience that most likely is ill-informed in how Science works & operates.

    Sam Harris & Prof. Krauss had the same problem with Dr Craig.

    Maybe Mr Nye will deflect the debate and instead will opt to educate rather than "debate"

    Of course the emotional appeal is with Mr. Ham and the call to reason fall in Mr Nye's court. Of course our theist friends are not into creation because a cosmological arguments or some other philosophical or pseudo-scientific "woo-woo", they are convinced that they have a personal relation with the godhead(via any of the 41,000 available flavors-in the Christianities-). And that the relation "experience maybe subjective but as real as Pi=3.14-hands down- the path from Christianities to Atheism is traversed slowly and in loneliness.

    But Mr Nye may nudge some noggins. I hope.


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