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What have you researched?

You can enjoy researching something, it can be tedious, or you might have other feelings. What have you researched? How did you do it? Did you enjoy it or not, and why?


Closing Statement from greg dahlen

well, I enjoyed hearing about people's different projects. The most useful abstractions I got from the conversation came from Fritzie Reisner, who clarified the difference between formal, academic research and informal home research, but also suggested they might not be so different; and Carolyn mcauley, who made me think about what is an experiment, and what experiments do I, and others, do in our personal lives.

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      Jan 22 2014: You must come across some funny stories. What is the most common point that seems to keep popping up with both sexes?
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      Jan 23 2014: wait, carolyn, if people consider our current position as not the best, that would make them want to experiment, wouldn't it, not avoid experimentation?
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      Feb 4 2014: in general I probably don't experiment much, I just choose the course of action I think will be best and then follow it.
      That might make a great conversation you should host, carolyn, "How do you experiment in your life?"

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