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Why Technology talks receive fewer standing ovations

I was introvertly celebrating watching over 200 TED talks last night on TED.com and I was visiting my profile to take a look at my 3.5 years of knowing TED and one fact just pop out: “Tech guys receive fewer standing ovation.”

I'm not talking about using technology as a platform for ideas (like Khan Academy). I'm talking about inventions and breakthroughs. The speaker -at best- gets a lousy 4 seconds clap in a conference where the T initial stands for Technology and were you can see tech elites like Bill Gates and Sergey Brin among the guests.

I don't have a research to support my allegation, just a mere observation. But I wanted to know why fewer people appreciate TED techies when they turn sci-fi into live demos on stage!

So there're basically two things to discuss here:

1) Are the tech speakers doing it wrong? Do they fail to make their inventions engaging? do tech inventions need special presentation skills?

2) Or are we becoming less inspired by what tech. provides, taking it for granted?

What's your thought on this?


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    Jan 8 2014: cynical theory: because people give standing ovations to talks that express their own views eloquently. and people don't have their own views about technology.
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      Jan 9 2014: Mmm, Don't know about that Krisztian.

      I mean, having a personal view about technology is like having a personal view about water.
      Maybe people need to view technology as a way that expands our views instead of a view in itself?

      Anyways, it's really annoying to think that people give standing ovation to those who're like them instead of those who made progress in a certain field. I like to think that TED audience is less cynical

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