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Non-partisan neighborhood councils.

Neighbors getting to know one another and interacting, independent of political party affiliation or political views, is an essential part of community development. There needs to be a way for neighborhoods to get together to discuss the issues common to everybody who lives there, come up with solutions, and if necessary, present those solutions in a persuasive way to their city, county, and state government representatives.
I think that if local neighborhoods got together and formed a council where all adult citizens were welcome and invited to discuss the neighborhood issues together and come up with proposals which they could submit to their respective government officials, that the government officials would have a better idea of what their constituents feel are the biggest issues addressing them and be better able to help.

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    Apr 22 2011: Isn't that what most town hall meetings are for? (I don't know as I've never been to one)
    And why ADULT citizens? I feel that teenagers should be allowed to be there. I'm talking 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. We are almost if exactly as capable as an adult. I feel like people our age should be allowed to come to.
    But otherwise I guess I would agree.