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What if TED had it's own television channel?

I didn't know about TED until I saw a link posted on my Facebook page about a Reggie Watts performance. What if TED was introduced to the general public and not just the few. I'm talking TV ads and billboards to promote and put in the face of the general public. I know there are great minds out there sitting on intellectual gold mines, just waiting for a spark to light them up. We have more inventors/creators/great men and women than we think we do. More people should be aware of TED' existence.


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    Jan 9 2014: That's a really awesome idea. Also needs much bigger funding. (Perhaps that's why they took down the Open TV Project Jimmy mentioned?) It will definitely increase the viewership and better spread the ideas shared in TED website.
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    Jan 9 2014: TED had an "Open TV Project" once. It even teamed with the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company, great times... They took it away but it used to be www.ted.com/tv

    Have a look into the past (Jul 2010) here https://web.archive.org/web/20100710075311/http://www.ted.com/tv
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    Jan 8 2014: TED already has its own TV channel. It's how I found TED in the first place.

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    Jan 8 2014: I think the internet is a broader way for TED to operate than TV. TV is slowly losing ground.

    I am still amazed by the number of people in the US I meet who have never heard of TED. These are college educated people who must have seen TED links but have never ventured there. Spread the word!
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    Jan 8 2014: Yes, that's a good idea. We could have more choices to enjoy TED.
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    Jan 8 2014: TED might not have the money to take out TV ads and put up billboards. I would think great minds sooner or later find a way to access their own treasures, if it's not TED it will be something else. I don't know if TED would attract enough viewers who would watch the ads and thus help pay the channel costs.