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how can we convince people to vote?

Today an important portion of people doesn't attend the election officies to vote.and, indeveloping countries like Morocco.As it reachsd approximately 43 per cent in the last parlimental ecletions.Of course,the decrease of this rate is due to the lost of confidense in the policies undergone by the politicians...

  • Jan 9 2014: I will not vote as long as corporations are "individuals" or until K street is bulldozed. I have been convinced that our three branches of government serve only the tree trunk of finance. Democrat or republican, which type of crook would you like? No thanks
    • Jan 10 2014: Im not here to convince you to vote..absolutly no!.but, lets face the truth and admit that all we have is "talk".i live in morocco and I can ensure you that living here is worst than living in yours.However morocco is my beloved home. we have to be realistic,not by blaming or "surrender",but faith .- GOD said that we have the power of choice,that way there is a punishment,you can make your destiny ,you can freed ur society-even you can bulldoze K street hh
      • Jan 10 2014: Thats fair and youre right about not surrendering. I appreciate the fact that we in yhe U.S. have far fewer struggles than most of the people in this planet. As much as you're not trying to convince me to vote, I dont mean to convince you not to vote. From what I've seen in my time here though, is that the U.S. political system is and has been broken. Our votes ultimately count for nothing, because campaign finance allows if not causes our politicians to sell their votes. If financial lobbying was outlawed I would be at the poll every chance I got. I started a conversation yesterday about an avenue I think we have available to us to make some changes to the way corporations and their lobbyists work. We have to work through the system we have available to us and since all that seems to matter to our politicians and corporations is money then we will speak to them in that language. Thanks for the response! I wish you the best.
  • Jan 8 2014: they say voting is a duty,your duty,and I agree.
    How if I say "i dont want to vote with but i do want to vote against
  • Jan 8 2014: thank you Mr.Robert
    I can see your angre your jealous through these words,and that i like.
    politician had been chosen by whom? Are not the same people who refuse to vote.
    Indeed,we've tired fighting,we sick being losers,that ,Robert, doesnt mean to give up.maybe we need think deeply ,to observe and notice,maybe we need to take a look at history-how Jesus save his people/ how the prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him)deal with the brutality of his people-.Ghandi was a great man changed India with "peace"
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    Jan 8 2014: zakraoui, Many things have changed in the world ... each having a impact. As you say the lack of confidence is a major factor ... however it would seem that would drive voters to change the leadership not to ignore the situation. As I watched the debates in the USA I saw that the issues were not addressing the health of the Republic. They involved promises of redistribution of wealth and "freebies" for the 99% to be paid for by the 1%.

    These are the same voters that take the milk money to buy a lottery ticket to get rich .,.. they buy into the it is free mentality and want theirs now. The argument of balancing the budget pales in comparison to Free this and free that ... which is not possible and never occurs ... but it does buy votes.

    Why would anyone vote for a person who openly holds contempt for the Constitution and the laws of the land? Because that is not the point ... I want my free stuff ... just not a job.

    If I went into a library at the local college and yelled free booze and lots of women in the parking lot .... most young men would run to the parking lot.

    Politics are big business ... not servants of the people ... we are given a choice of two that the "party" has given us. They were selected as puppets to the goals and direction of the party. These are the face but are weak and controllable or they would not be there. Politicians were always the elite but now flaunt it and do not care what you think .... and we accept that. Clinton showed us that the rich and powerful can do what they want and we will accept the lack of morals and ethics. Any real job in the world and he would have been thrown out in disgrace.

    Apathy come after you have fought and lost and have no means left to fight the fight.

    Convincing people to vote is easy .... addressing the issues is hard work and the public no longer feels it will make a impact and look for ... what is in it for me. The wildest promise wins.

    Be well. Bob.
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    Jan 8 2014: Look to see if your politicians/political parties have a past record of keeping to their pre-election promises - post-election and mid-term. If they don't, then they are career politicians who really are not worth wasting valuable ink on a ballot paper.

    Why on earth would you want to vote for a party or individual who you know will deliberately deceive you with hollow promises?

    A low voter turnout speaks volumes about the poor relationship between politicians and voters. Politicians are slow to get the message that modern politics needs a damn good shake-up.
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    Jan 8 2014: I viewed a television editorial thirty years ago that still rings true today. I'll paraphrase:

    We don't need the polls watered down with uneducated and unconcerned voters. If you don't care, don't vote.

    I'm quite happy with low turn out at the poles, even when my party loses.