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how can we convince people to vote?

Today an important portion of people doesn't attend the election officies to vote.and, indeveloping countries like Morocco.As it reachsd approximately 43 per cent in the last parlimental ecletions.Of course,the decrease of this rate is due to the lost of confidense in the policies undergone by the politicians...

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  • Jan 8 2014: thank you Mr.Robert
    I can see your angre your jealous through these words,and that i like.
    politician had been chosen by whom? Are not the same people who refuse to vote.
    Indeed,we've tired fighting,we sick being losers,that ,Robert, doesnt mean to give up.maybe we need think deeply ,to observe and notice,maybe we need to take a look at history-how Jesus save his people/ how the prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him)deal with the brutality of his people-.Ghandi was a great man changed India with "peace"

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