Thaddea Thompson

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Can the legal system be reprimanded? Should it be ? Why or why do you not think that it should even be considered?

Court cases are often reopened implying that the current verdict is questionable. If there was a mistake made shouldn't there be some sort of "un-positive" consequence? I am not asking for a perfect system but when death is involved someone is to blame. I believe the decision to do so is ours.

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    Jan 8 2014: A bad reputation that may lead to less job offers. Does it have to be a large number? I think I'll do more resarch.
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    Jan 8 2014: Thaddea, are you sure there isn't some punishment? I would think if a large number of one judge's decisions were proving bad, the court administration would start to take a look at the judge, would say wait a minute, what's going on here?