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Why is Edward Snowden a criminal and the ones who committed the crime not criminals.

Governments and corporations encourage people to come forward when rules, policies, and laws are violated ... do they mean it?

Corruption almost always is traceable to the top and so whistle blowers are really not welcome.

To be clear I do not agree with what he did or rather the means he did it.

But the question is really simple ... if he is judged a criminal what about the people who broke the law ... and those aware of it ... and those in the administration who were told by a judge to not do it.

Every paper on a story about Snowden says he violated the law and should be in jail .... but fail to mention all of the officials who knowingly violated the law.

Spin doctors are worth their weight in gold.

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    Jan 9 2014: because the ones committed the crime decide who is to be punished.
  • Jan 14 2014: Similarly, the protesters of the Vietnam war who refused to go or be drafted were criminals and sent to prison, Snowden is a criminal.
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    R H

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    Jan 12 2014: OF COURSE the gov't is calling him a traitor, 'spinning' the immensity of what they've done by making unavailable legal whistleblower protection for Mr Snowden under the guise of 'national security'. Now, he must live in exile because of THEIR crimes against the American people... So American citizens now are hunted for reporting the crimes of their gov't to the American people. Sounds an awful lot like the gov'ts so many Americans have died fighting against throughout our history. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves.
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      Jan 12 2014: RH, I'm with you. I have never heard of a single issue resolved by a person using the open door policy or the whistle blower route. These a are cleverly disguised methods of the heads of government / corporations to have time to select a scape goat and to bury the complainer over time. Given this advance notice they can bury the evidence and get squeaky clean prior to the media or investigations getting involved.

      The accepted methods are either to promote these people into management where they are not covered and have no skills to achieve and them fire them ... or transfer them to a area that does not have access to any input or information on almost everything and if possible in a undesirable location in effect make them want to quit and leave the company.

      The lack of transparency and the disclosure of so many events that are coming to light and the lies and cover ups that are now known ... we must be concerned that no heads have rolled .... The speed at which major players have jumped ship (Hillary, Nappy, Gates, Rhem, etc ..) to not be caught up in the public out cry and save their political future .... like rats getting off the sinking ship.

      Some have said that his actions (disclosure) was cause for international security concerns .... but the fact is that if we had strong foreign policies, diplomatic respect, and leadership then his actions would have not been necessary. Strong leaders say ... the buck stops here ... puppets say ... its not my fault.

      The question now is are the American people smart enough to examine the issues or will they again be lured by the promises?

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.
  • Jan 9 2014: Robert,
    How can you sit here and ask what you ask and then in the next sentence
    abandon Mr. Snowden? He is not a criminal. He is a hero, an incredibly brave,
    selfless human being and at the very least you might show or announce a bit
    of pride that he is an American, a real one. Then you cast him into the realm of a
    criminal. How can you not agree with what he did and how he did it, as that was the
    only way it could have been done?
    The NSA has ordered employees to spy on one another, to turn in anyone who in the
    slightest manner could be seen as a whistle blower and this includes turning in a fellow
    employee even though their bosses or superiors are breaking almost all laws!!
    So you don't consider turning in those who break laws but only those who report or reveal it?
    Yes? I think you have become a mental robot. You have willingly become "willfully blind" and
    the new form of artificial intelligence.
    Do you have any sanity at all? Clarity maybe, but not sanity.
    I'll bet you can't answer this question.
    Losing your privacy should be fine, if you have nothing to hide, yet who is it that is becoming more
    secretive, hiding everything they are doing, changing the laws so that what you do is illegal while
    allowing themselves to continue doing it and even going so far as outrying to outlaw peace?

    People like Mr. Snowden, Mr. Assange, Mr. Ellsburg, Mr. Greenwald.
    Even if Jesus did exist, He never could have cured your blindness.
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      Jan 9 2014: Thank you for the every emotional and damning response. I fought for your right to say it but am not required to agree.

      I do agree with the only issue you presented that his options were limited. To have gone to his bosses with his complaint would have fallen on deaf ears and buried him.

      Thanks for the reply.
  • Jan 9 2014: I understand what you say, my opinions are in regards of the greater threat he might have created and the danger of speaking out information world-wide, as not all country are at the same level speaking of surveillance and this kind of stuff. I am trying to put myself in his shoes right now and I would barely see ahead of me in his situation.

    I do believe people speaking out is a good thing to a certain point. If he is not prosecuted, who will want to hire him? will he have to go work at a retail store, or will he be trusted enough to have a job in his field of expertise.

    I am not taking any side on that story, as critical thinking is one of my strongest skill, I will express my opinion for both sides.
  • Jan 8 2014: I think the issue here was a international security breach, maybe he wasn't aware of the danger behind speaking out loud about all of what he talked about.

    Privacy is something we are all looking for, but sometime there are greater danger than what a single person could lose.

    That's just my own opinion, I am not an expert
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      Jan 8 2014: Perhaps. But the USA has been lacking creditability in foreign relations, diplomatic corps, transparency, honesty, etc .. That the USA is spying is not big news ... that is the job of the NSA. But that the cover up and lies associated with it go to the very top ... the absolute worst crime is to expose a administration to the truth. Since then even MSNBC and the Huffington Post have published negative articles. We now have a judge appointed by Clinton who says no big deal collect all the data you want and one appointed by Bush that says the judge must approve specific data gathering with a specific purpose .... not on all Americans or world wide without restrictions.

      That we gather data is not new that we targeted top officials world wide was crossing the proverbial line.

      My point is that Snowden is a dirty so and so and those who knew better and were advised not to do it ... and did it anyway ... are spinning it off to a traitor. They violated Constitutional, federal, and state laws and violated the trust of the American people and are still on the payroll in trusted positions.

      I am not an expert either. But I can smell a skunk.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.