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Work vs Automation.

Should we or should we not automate as much work as possible? With the current technological advances it wont be long before almost every existing job will/can be automated.

And from a capitalistic viewpoint it makes sense, why have workers when you can have robots that do the work faster, better and cheaper?

And do we really even want to "work" as it's defined today.

There will probably always be the need for humans, but to a lesser and lesser extent.

To get some insights into what's happening with automation today, check http://www.reddit.com/r/automate

And to see some of the jobs that were automated in 2013 read this article by The Washington Post "Eight ways robots stole our jobs in 2013" http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/12/23/eight-ways-robots-stole-our-jobs-in-2013/

Do you have a job that you think can't be automated or won't be in a long time? Are you "safe"?

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    Jan 11 2014: I don't understand why people don't feel this ...
    Yeah, technology is a good thing, it improves, it makes things easier or whatever.
    But, look !
    I don't say ATM is a bad thing, but all I care about is a bank clerk losing his job, because paying his salary for bank system is not economical anymore.
    I don't say bus is a bad invention because car-making companies sell less.
    I think we must put a balance here, between people and robots. We can improve robot usage in industry as much as we want, but if people lose their jobs, it shows what matters is the fat rich capitalist who's going richer, not the people, which robots are designed to serve them.
    I don't say Luddism is the way we can survive, but I think we must care about people, more than the economy. Even if the benefit made in a society, all be shared equally between society members (whatever you call this system), it is all fair. If we continue this way to automate every industry, "what you'll have is just a little society of capitalists, and a big rage of Luddism."
    Thanks a lot for your amazing debate.

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