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Would you use TED videos in a higher education classroom?

For university professors or students out there, have you had experience with using TED videos in your classroom? What kind of impact does it have? And if not, is it something you'd consider trying? Is it a novel way to engage students, or an inefficient use of time better spent on lectures or activities?


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    Jan 3 2014: hey
    yeah, I've been using them for quite some time in teaching English, specially subject-based free discussion classes in colleges and academic centers. They specially come in handy in exposing learners to new ideas, or some food for thought.
    • Jan 3 2014: Hi A Sharif,
      Thanks for your reply. Can I ask you what kind of responses you get from your students when you use the talks?
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        Jan 3 2014: firstly, they both enjoy both the content and the language input. They mostly give deep comments on the content.
        second, they more or less ask me the source of the videos and show interest in following TED talks
        however, in many cases, I must play the video only partially (3 to 10 min); my experience is that longer talks are not so welcome.

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