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To all food lovers: Do we want to continue not knowing exactly how and where our food items are being grown and manufactured?

I invite everyone to do some research, it is truly interesting what you can find. And if anyone sees anything that could be done better, I encourage you to add it into your list of goals or purpose in 2014. We can all effect big time change if we focused on this just a little bit more! Anyway, Happy 2014! Hope everyone is in good health and ready for another chance!


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    Jan 5 2014: Paula, I am often interested in knowing more about my food. For example, when companies market food products in packages, they usually write on the package where their headquarters are. Thus when I buy food in a package, I often read on the package to see where the company that put out the product is headquartered. Knowing where they're headquartered makes me feel good emotionally, but what I can't figure out is why it makes me feel good, do you have any thoughts on why it might?
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      Jan 5 2014: Sometimes Greg, foods come from a place other than where they are actually processed and packaged.

      That is why the value of some vitamin/mineral supplements is being questioned. They have discovered, that plant material is sometimes imported to the U.S., so as it comes into the country, it is labeled "natural", and it is used to produce vitamin/mineral supplements as "natural".

      However, it has been discovered that some of this plant material is coming from countries where toxic pesticides are used. So, the end product, labeled "natural", was actually grown using substances that are toxic, which means that there are traces of toxic elements in the product that was labeled and sold as "natural".

      Some product labels give the name of the place where the product was actually grown, in addition to where they were processed and packaged.....some do not provide that information.
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        Jan 5 2014: well, when I buy packaged food, what I see is the headquarters location of the company, just as a fantasy example the package might say "Ace Crackers, Mannassas, Virginia 90234." Knowing that that is where the company is headquartered makes me feel good, but I don't really know why, I thought someone else might have an idea.
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          Jan 5 2014: Hi greg, don't we all want to know where everything comes from? I mean, it is the heart of all science or religion. But we can't have answers to the big questions, at least not in full form. So knowing what we can, where milk comes from, where we where born, gives us some sense of comfort and security. This is what I think of, as far as feeling good from believing that what you are reading is true. But sadly it most of it is not, like Colleen mentioned, toxic is the new "natural".
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          Jan 6 2014: I agree Paula, that "knowing", or thinking we "know" sometimes provides a sense of comfort and security:>)

          I didn't actually say that "toxic is the new "natural".
          For clarity.....I expressed the idea that sometimes products are labeled "natural", when they are NOT natural.
      • Jan 7 2014: The funny thing about that is that we are being "imperialist" if we dare impose equally stringent chemical use standards on imports.

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