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Are GMO (genetically modified organism) foods for the better or the worse in our planet

In America 70-90% of foods contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). These are foods which have ingredients that are genetically modified, genetically modified ingredients are usually corn related or starch related. These foods have been proven to cause cancer and disease much more easily than organic locally sourced foods.

  • Jan 3 2014: I rather doubt that. If you have any credible sources that claim as such, put them up.
    Otherwise, there is no reason to think that food both specifically engineered to be better and that undergoes so much more scrutiny then the regular stuff will turn out to be more harmful. An isolated case here and there, maybe, but nothing close to such a sweeping statement.
      • Jan 3 2014: It mentions a few potential problems with allergies (that already exist with natural food), but nothing along the lines of "These foods have been proven to cause cancer and disease much more easily than organic locally sourced foods" as you've put it.

        I know the vast majority of food I eat has been modified, but I don't really have a problem with it. If anything, it makes the food cheaper, and makes more efficient use of land.
      • Jan 4 2014: Elliott,

        A credible source would be in the scientific literature, not in a propagandistic video.

        GMOs can be part of a larger strategy towards the better. If we could just get people educated enough, so that they could tell apart the propaganda (like the video you linked), and actual/proper information.

        GMOs are exactly as good and as bad as any organically produced foods. I am still pro-local. Why? because the more we consume local the less energy we might use. But lots of foods I like cannot be produced locally, and I will not go about without my coffee. Solution? Well, some technology would help produce more stuff locally. For example, some genetic modifications ... :)
        • Jan 4 2014: Okay, well first of all those animals were part of a scientific study. But what i really want to put forward is why do you think GMOs are really put into our food, no its not to poison us, its to control us, to alter our evolution. Now if you wanted to alter everyones evolution as a mass you are going to need to let them not be afraid with a frontier saying its for the greater good and also it needs to be through something we do everday: EAT FOOD. This is not my opinion just another argument towards this discussion.