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Is it better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all?

I think the question is self-explanatory, and am curious what your own answer is on this age-old dilemma! Personal anecdotes are purely optional.


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    Feb 1 2014: Certainly, to loved and lost is the best one.You can learn a lot of things with the help of all things.I mean you can have a great experience.Yeah, you will be in pain, you will feel bad but you will have certain decisions after your loss..because you know people very well.For instance, ı loved someone but he did not love me.I was in a terrible pain, ı was feeling hazy.But then ı started to feel good, and make my decisions clear, ı tried to be conscious.Thats all.All of us see the glass half empty, but we must try to see its full part :) :)

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