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Is it better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all?

I think the question is self-explanatory, and am curious what your own answer is on this age-old dilemma! Personal anecdotes are purely optional.


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  • Jan 7 2014: Yes, love is better,if you have any thing in your life it will solve automatically .
    • Jan 7 2014: Somah,
      Although i truly admire your positive insight, I have to wonder how love can solve anything in out lives automatically. To me, giving love costs energy an effort, (which is worth it, considering all that can possibly be lost and gained!!) so could you explain what you mean by anything in your life being solved automatically by love?
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      Jan 7 2014: Somah and Lizanne,
      My interpretation....
      Love in a broad sense, can include respect, patience, understanding, love of learning, love of life, as well as lots of other feelings/emotions. If we have those feelings in, and for ourselves, we can face most challenges. Is this what you mean Somah?

      Welcome to TED conversations Somah:>)

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