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I am looking for a TedTalk, can anyone help?

I am looking for this specific TedTalk video that I saw a couple of years ago on YouTube. I know that it was released a lot prior to when I actually saw it. But I can't find it anymore. The topic of the Talk was philosophy and aesthetics. There was an exemplar about Mozart's music of how on the first act of a play the excerpt of "Marriage of Figaro" was played and how it perfectly captivated the emotions of the characters and also expressed the mood of the play. That's the most detail thing that I can remember from it. It has some similarities to Denis Duttons talk about 'Beauty'.
Also the speaker could possibly have been bald.
Can anyone help me find the Talk?

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    Jan 4 2014: There is a lady named Emily McManus who is a Editor who has proven to be excellent in naming talks.

    Give her a try.

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    Jan 4 2014: I have a distant memory of something like this, but sadly I'm not able to recall which Talk it was...

    But there are only 40 Talks that fall in the topic of Philosophy, maybe you van browse those and find the one you're looking for.
  • Jan 4 2014: Hi Dear SA,I have no clue about what u are looking for,I am sorry for that.Hope someone else can help.