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My question is related to the base of cosmology science and theories.

If all what we know about cosmology science is based on our observation from sky and whatever we observe goes back to thousand and million and billion years ago, how can we be sure about some theories like universe expansion. Maybe universe is back to contraction as we talking now?

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    Jan 5 2014: Fortunately, there may be far more to learn than what we have learnt so far, or at least deduced, inferred or concluded. Much of what is yet to unfold may seriously undermine our past and present thinking, but one thing is likely: some day our party may be over, but the road, most likely, will never end.

    The Road Goes On Forever and the Party Never Ends, by Robert Earl Keen

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      Jan 6 2014: There will always be more to learn, but for me there's no reason to believe in things that I don't have significant evidence to believe in.

      Usually when people say that there's more to learn they think (not saying that you are doing this Don) that they have the answers and that people should listen to them and not the "close-minded sciences". What they often don't understand is that science is always looking to prove itself wrong. If someone would provide proof against the Theory of Relativity or Evolution a Nobel prize and instant fame is theirs.

      We can choose to believe in whatever but it does not make it true, and there's a real danger in thinking that you know better (again not saying you do this Don) then the smartest people in each scientific field, that people criticizing often have a very limited understanding of.
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        Jan 6 2014: "...[We]'ve been with the professors and they've all liked [our] looks
        With great lawyers [we] have discussed lepers and crooks
        [We]'ve been through all of F. Scott Fitzgerald's books
        [We]'re very well read, it's well known
        But something is happening here and you don't know what it is
        do [we], Mr. Jones?..."

        - from Bob Dylan's song, Ballad of a Thin Man'


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