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What are your 2014 Goals in improving and growing your own life?

With the New Year upon us, it is grandeur to think and discuss ways to impact positively the lives of others. What is your New Years Resolution on impacting and growing your own personal experience living this life?

It's real easy to discuss ways to affect the lives of others, whether these ideas only sound good or would actually hit the target. The surest way in knowing if any idea will be beneficial, is to practice what we preach, or in laymans terms...Live by example.

Do tell what are your goals in reaching this new year that will affect you, your home, your family and friends personally?

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    Jan 17 2014: Participate in TED Conversation once a week! :)
  • Jan 5 2014: My goal is to control my temper and hostility in every day life. Its easy for me to stay calm and Think here at an online forum, but when I am faced with rudeness or hostility face to face with people, I instantly start boiling. I also have a tendancy t be confrontational which seldom helps. "Fear is the mind killer", well for me so is anger.
  • Jan 5 2014: Hi Todd,
    I put my thoughts on this very topic into words:
    I am learning the importance of my own self-reflection after having preached it so passionately to others. It's high time I start to practice.
    A very happy new year to you too.
  • Jan 5 2014: As of 01/01/2014. I will now look in the mirror before I give advice, lecture and judge people. I am a very flawed man. I have many things in my life I need to overcome and achieve. Just because people struggle in things you find easy doesn't mean they are not fighting just as hard or harder than u. One of my biggest battles is my weight and my Partners biggest battle is smoking. I could easily wait till the end of my shift for a smoke where my other half cant and WONT. My partner can go the whole day on just one meal...where I cant and WONT. We now show compassion and understanding in our battles and now we fight it together.. as on the 5th of Jan 2014 WE have been eating a healthy 3 meals a day and have been smoke free since. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO US!!