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How shall we find 'Happiness' in the new world that is coming?

The historical question of happiness lies at the heart of the ancient philosophers' quest. This shall 'soon' (within several generations) become an inevitable issue for ALL human beings. Improving technology brings imminent and profound opportunities along with new dangers - can we all become the modern thinkers that will allow us to handle these opportunities to enable our happiness while handling the burden of playing god?
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Indeed, science has opened potential possibilities that will be the driving force behind renewed attempts to find an enduring answer. These are considered in some detail (see link), but you shall see, they change everything that the ancient philosophers thought was sensible to consider in attempting to answer this question, the doors to the future are soon to be flung open, nature itself, as we know it, is about to change.


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    Jan 9 2014: I like how you mentioned "playing God." We have this superiority complex that thinks ourselves better than everything. Consumer culture is directly based on this vanity. Having designer items gives a temporary relief of the unconscious stress of pursuing happiness. It lasts until the next generation of Iphone's comes out for example. There will always be better materialistic objects so it creates a cycle of ignorant spending. I fear based on the past century that this is what the future has for us, a constant nagging of advertisements and stupidity of people falling for something that is designed to add even more to their ignorance. True genuine happiness is found in the lasting bonds present in this world. These bonds come in the form of types of relationships. One with "God," family, friends, animals, etc. I do not see a distinct purpose for our existence on Earth. We are no different from animals in everything we do, simply how we do it differs. Happiness is found in connecting with the basics of humanity. Overcoming the selfish ways that are more and more persistent in pop culture provides this break from the pressures of society. The world we live in now is way to fast paced perpetuated by the drive to be that top notched CEO. What happens when you become that CEO? You still fall asleep that same, lost puppy full of emotions you have chose not to face. Growing up and facing reality, not hiding from it through work, liquor, drugs and other addictive ideals can give you the happiness we all seek. The problem is, once you reach that peak, you truly see how the world is. This is quite nihilistic, because I am saying the world is and has been filled with greed, anger, selfishness and pity. Although these traits were beneficial when we were cavemen, now-a-days most of the world doesn't need to fight for survival. As our hierarchy of needs is being met, maybe a new section of the pyramid will have to be built. This time it is up to us to build, not Maslow.

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