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How do you feel about death?

How do you feel when thinking about death, your own and other's?

Edit: Extra (totally optional) question: what are your preferences for your funeral?

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    Jan 9 2014: In this world of instant changes we are transforming into entirely new living compositions in every moment of our existence.

    In my modest opinion, we shall learn that there is nothing new about endless transformations of the entire world and us in it, since great Greek Heraclitus has expressed this law of nature in his fabulous sayings.

    I'd say we do really disappear or die in every instant. We come back as new different Selfs in every instant. How different our appearances might be and where we might be "placed" while going through new transformations, maybe as new living forms?

    One might be happy with Buddha's philosophy believing in recycling life forms until they find some Nirvana, or one might believe in mighty god who would take care of one's soul after death, but someone, like myself, remains desperately curios, deeply unsatisfied with the existing knowledge and beliefs.

    I see our grand problem - we have not learned a thing about our own natural laws that animate our life.

    P.S. I am one of a few extremelly lucky individuals who has experienced NDE or "after death" existence, while gaining this tremendous consciousness of self..impossible when we are "trapped" in bodies. Wish someone would publish a realted topic to start a new conversation.

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