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How do you feel about death?

How do you feel when thinking about death, your own and other's?

Edit: Extra (totally optional) question: what are your preferences for your funeral?

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    Jan 6 2014: When I imagine the length of my life, it's never really gone past age 45.

    The fear is in life. I've always felt the passage of time, but never towards death. Always about my child. There's deadlines (no pun intended) on what a mother needs to do to ensure a wonderful life for her child. I fear I haven't done enough, done the right things to prepare them for their future.

    I hope my death is instant.

    What's after death? I believe nothing is.
    I don't wish to be embalmed. no other specifics. Cremation, burial, whatever.

    When my grandmother died, I felt sad that my child hadn't had the chance to get to know her. She and my grandfather had been married for 50 years and I felt lost on how to comfort him. His health deteriorated within a year. I felt it would have been kinder if both of them had died together.

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