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How do you feel about death?

How do you feel when thinking about death, your own and other's?

Edit: Extra (totally optional) question: what are your preferences for your funeral?

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  • Jan 5 2014: As many say, 'Death is a part of life' which, however, does not say much.

    To me, death is only the death of the body. Nothing else. Since we are not our body but we are out spirit, we continue on.
    We continue living in the spiritual environment we've created around us while still in the body. That's what we're here for.
    When we lost our daughter more than ten years ago, I was very sad to loose her, obviously. But at the same time I was glad for her to now be in a life she loved. We will see very few people that have come back from a NDE and were glad they did. Usually the experience teaches us that the next life is way, way more loving and enjoyable than this life on earth.

    Dying itself is no more than going from one room to another, it often is the process of illness and conditions that make people scared.
    Swedenborg wrote a book, since he had spiritual experiences like NDE's every day, for close to 30 years. The title is Heaven And Hell. There is also a Face Book page https://www.facebook.com/HeavenAndHellSwedenborg

    And this is about what happens when we die,

    Hope this helps and wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2014!!

    If a fetus knew it was going to be born, it would be as afraid of birth as we are of death.
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      Jan 9 2014: Love your thinking, Adriaan. Very sober and right to the point.

      Hope someone will start a conversation encouraging people to talk about NDE (and After death experience - as I call it). I have had one… Will you try to publish this topic?
      • Jan 9 2014: Vera you're very kind, thank you.
        I'd say NDE's are almost a common experience nowadays. Millions have had one.
        Seems to me in almost every conversation NDE's are mentioned somewhere..
        Calling it an ADE sounds like a good idea too. Afteral the medical industry at that moment does say we're dead :)
        It would be a good thing to have a conversation about ADE's but I think that would be best if done by someone who had that actual experience. I only read about it.

        My wife also had a NDE as a young girl and was very frustrated about the lack of knowledge and help anyone, religous or not, could give her. Until she was introduced to books by Swedenborg. She almost fell out of her chair :) These were written about 250 years ago. In fact even the classic "Life after Life" has a chapter on him as well.

        I also contribute to a Facebook page HeavenandhellSwedenborg. There are more than a hundred 'likes' a day because people finally find they can talk about their ADE and see relevant information.
        One of the most often heard reaction by those that read Swedenborg is "this makes total sense"

        Anyway, thank you again for your kind comment and wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year!
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          Jan 9 2014: Some weeks ago I've suggested this fascinating topic for publishing on ted - ted editors have rejected it explaining that the idea is "too extreme". In my opinion, as I somehow mentioned above in this conversation, neither researchers nor philosophers are able to prove or disprove the existence of the mind/spirit/soul while exploring bodily sense perceptions, even when augmenting these with powerful devices - this simply does not make any logical sense. When the body is dead, gone, it cannot sense a thing, it cannot interact anything as a composition, its former composition, it is falling apart. The most "daring" thought on mind in sciences these days, is that our brains! produce some sort of a cloudlike formation, but it is invisible through any devices yet. It's sounds comical. Anyway, I'll try some different approach to the subject - hope they will publish it.

          To understand our living minds, the nature of perceptions and interactions, our limitations and boundaries, which are absolutely invisible under any microscope, is the only way to build the foundation for our shaky knowledge, sciences and mentality, which have never had any real foundation. They are hanging on the "facts" brought out by the most illusive and shallow sense perception of all we possess - out sight! In my opinion human thinking-consciousness is the most theatrical and superficial stage of mind we may know. We still have to try to go beyond that stage and find out out how we build it.

          Hope to talk to you soon about the most revealing experience we may ever have in this confusing "physical" life!
      • Jan 9 2014: Yes Vera, this can be very frustrating. What science cannot detect or measure, it says, does not exist.
        Maybe you'd like to add your experience and knowledge to this conversation, more or less about the same thing

        When you see how some people think.. As soon as I give a spiritual side to a discussion I'm told I'm off topic, preaching etc.
        I was going to send this as a message to you but there is no connection on your profile. You can send me a message if you like.
        Love your approach to life, real life :)

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