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Doctor-Patient Relationship

Doctor-Patient relationship is an important step of medicament as the doctor one of the main support circles that surround the patient which give him hope and care


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    Dec 31 2013: Have you heard someone express the position that the relationship between doctor and patient is not important? Just as teachers in their training are taught of the paramount importance of their relationships with students, I expect medical training and training for other sorts of direct service work involve the same.

    Here is a review article that indicates that the modern medical literature contains about 8000 published articles, books, and chapters of textbooks on this central aspect of medical practice and also summarizes some of the content from those sources: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1496871/

    Is there another possible side to this "debate" other than the position you have taken?

    Or are you asking more specifically whether the doctor should give a person hope that he will recover, even when an honest diagnosis would suggest his condition is terminal?
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      Dec 31 2013: If I could say yes I heard some doctors unfortunatly express thier overlooking the relationship with thier patient.
      Moreover I think even with patient right to know honestly his diagnosis especially being hopeless case that does not mean giving up hope

      Thanks for for the link

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