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Happy New Year.

If you're interested state the time of your post relevant to where you are. A bit you where ever are on our Blue world. Cheers and a Happy New Year to all.

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    Jan 1 2014: We all celebrate new years, but on different dates…. and for different reasons.

    There is a constant, contrasting, somewhat contradicting, dual drum beat of life reminding us that, although we may be all "one", we are also all different.

    It is often difficult for me to reconcile the two… Poetry helps to explain.

    Here is a poem that I think does it. Robert Frost's "Mending Wall":

    Happy New Year to everyone on some level :)
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      Jan 2 2014: HEY Jim! Long time

      This was something that I also felt the need to point out. :)
    • Jan 2 2014: "... may be all "one", we are also all different."

      Through our differences ONE becomes more complex , not TWO...not 7 billion :).

      Happy New Year !
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      Jan 3 2014: Oh, wow. Thank you, Jim. New NY resolution: read more poetry.
  • Jan 1 2014: Hello everyone.Happy New Year,It is 15:45pm where i am(China),Best wishes for all of yours
    • Jan 1 2014: happy new year!
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    Dec 31 2013: It's 1.51pm where I am...I'm at an emergency clinic already and I haven't even had my first drink yet!
    Haha! Either way, I'll be partying like its 1999 tonight:-)
    Happy New Year!
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    Dec 31 2013: It's 10:53am where I am. I am sitting in a office - management has taken the day off but us minions are diligently finishing our tasks for the day. I am looking forward to a fresh New Year full of new challenges, fun surprises, and growing personally and professionally.

    Happy New Year and best wishes to you, your friends, and your health. May you get everything you ever wanted from this fickle thing called life.
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    Dec 31 2013: Happy New Year!

    11.45 pm


    New Zealand
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      Gord G

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      Dec 31 2013: Happy New Year Ken! Still 12 hours to go here.
  • Jan 4 2014: Happy New Year's from Knoxville, TN in the United States! It's Jan 4 at 13:07, and I'm at work, but whatever.

    I brought the year in right (or wrong) with around four double-stength whiskey&cokes at home with my roommate and a two-hour long chat with my sister about how the world is my oyster and I just need to seize it already. It was great. Don't remember when sleep happened. :P
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    Jan 3 2014: I am embarrassed to say this but I fell asleep before midnight. My 85+ mother-in-law is visiting so we couldn't go out to the fireworks or anything that would require long periods of standing. So, when she fell asleep at 8, I started reading "How Music Works" by David Byrne and ended up asleep myself (nothing to do with the book--which is fantastic), waking at 3 a.m. only to be annoyed that I missed the start of the new year :)
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      Jan 4 2014: hahaha.......! So did I.But I was ready to welcome the new year in my dream in my quilts despite there were only 20 minutes left. because I was too tired that day.
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    Jan 3 2014: Happy New Year! And happiness to those not celebrating NY now as well :)

    2.47pm in New Zealand on 3rd Jan. Had a gorgeous, sunny NY Day down here in the Waikato, Ken (no, it's true!). The rain took a few days off, with the rest of us. However, it's a work day, now....
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    Jan 3 2014: Happy New Year from Vancouver Island, Canada! It's 5:26pm on January 2nd.
  • Jan 2 2014: It's 11.47 PM the 2 of January where i am.
    It's always a problem for me to realise that it's a new year, i don't feel anything new.
    " Nothing ever changes but the Same "
    Happy 2014 !!!!!
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      Jan 3 2014: I had a strange dalliance when i read your post Nat, What if we had no new years day or a 12 month calendar? What if we all voted on what to name each new up and coming months names a year in advance? Like KitKat for January and next year it could be Avocado and instead of years we could go by seasons. New borns up to 16 you carry the term Springs and from then till you're 45 you are classed as Summer then Autumns and eventually Winter.

      A strange thought for always the same but different.
      • Jan 4 2014: I think that would be spectacular, though I would feel horrible about people who never make it to summer or fall. A lot of Spring deaths would be rather off-putting.
      • Jan 4 2014: Dalliance , yes , i'm familiar with this state.
        Actually i do go by seasons, probably because i am heading to the end of my summer and have forgotten first grade math ? I measure time more by my experience than by abstract uniform units. What will happen when /if i am alive in winter ? It'll be fun, i guess, i'll be completely lost in the snow :)
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          Jan 5 2014: I'm sorry Nat but that post was witty, made me smile. Here! Listen to these Angels. I remember when they first went international back in '98, the youngest at the time was 13 and now they have reformed and are just after the start of their Summers. A beautiful song to start the year.

          I'm sure you know these girls, the original SugaBabes

      • Jan 6 2014: Thanks, Ken, a beautiful song, indeed !
        Hope you'll enjoy this
        as much as i do !
        btw, i didn't have a clue who SugaBabes were until i googled it, 5 min ago :)
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    Jan 2 2014: Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy new year to everyone!(8:47pm 2nd Jan.)
  • Jan 2 2014: Happy New Year!! its 12:46 PM IST.2nd January.
  • Jan 2 2014: Hau'oli Makahiki Hou - Happy New Year from the fabulous Las Vegas Nevada it is 8:39 PM.
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      Jan 2 2014: Is that Hawaiian Keith?
      • Jan 2 2014: Yes Ken I spent twenty lovely years in Hawaii and visited every island and tried to surf every beach and swim in every waterfall. There is a good reason they call it paradise.
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          Jan 2 2014: What are your thoughts on Hwaiian independence claims Keith?
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          Jan 2 2014: Nice. That's a first for me, i didn't know they were serious but then they are the top most of the triangle, we're the bottom left, Rapanui is the bottom right.
      • Jan 2 2014: Well Jimmy I have mixed feelings, on one hand they are the same as my feelings about the native Americans. We, kind loving Americans, put on a genocide party that would put Hitler to shame, we annihilated both of them and stole all there resources, just like we continue to do throughout the world today with Corporations. However before we came they had some of our major flaws and phobias. They used to seek out the most beautiful virgin women and kill them as a sacrifice to appease the Gods who they thought where unhappy with them because of bad weather. During hurricane season in August, guarantee some women were going to die and the whole community eagerly attended the event.
        They had a justice system at the Pali Cliffs. They would throw the people they thought guilty off the cliff, now if the winds which were strong would blow them back, it was a sign from God that they were not guilty, if not, well... there are a lot of bones at the bottom of the Pali cliffs.
        My other concern is if we did not destroy them then there were plenty of other countries in line to do the same. So the question is did we kill them better or worst than another country would have? Are they better off as our slaves?
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    Jan 2 2014: Happy new year!
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    Jan 1 2014: Thanks Ken and the best to you and yours also.

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    Jan 1 2014: Happy New Year from South Africa! (It's almost 10pm actually :) lol)
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    Jan 1 2014: Happy New Year Ken and All
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    Jan 1 2014: From Calcutta, India.It's 12.45 PM 1 January IST. Is it happy new year all over the world? :)
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    Jan 1 2014: Happy New Year ! It`s 11:40 AM where I am. My friends have been working very hard...I suppose they are quite busy!
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    Jan 1 2014: Yes happy 2014, for us following this calendar that is...

    For information purposes I'd like to point out that there is a vast difference in calendar counting around the world.

    And that it's not new years all over the world today.

    Edit: Sweden, 01:24
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      Jan 1 2014: Yes you're right Jim, usually my country gets it first except for an island somewhere - I can't remember but that's why i put this up and as usual for my end of year see in I just watch the city blow off some fireworks and wait til the morning for a completely unhealthy breakfast with the family.

      Stringy bacon, Croissants, flip flop eggs, mushrooms in cream, roasted potatoes blasted in olive oil and a super heavy coffee pot. Nothing spectacular. We put out cereal this year but me and my girls we're carnivores so we eyed each other up as to who would reach for the bacon first.

      Exactly who doesn't follow this calendar? I know i can google it but it's much nicer to just ask.
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        Jan 1 2014: Islamic states it's the year 1435, Buddhist year 2556 and many others...

        Here's a Template.

        Where are you from?
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          Jan 1 2014: New Zealand, I thought it was Islamic countries. What did you do to celebrate or will be doing to celebrate?
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        Jan 1 2014: The Chinese and Jewish New Years are also at different times.
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          Jan 1 2014: Yes, I was going to mention those but since there's so many exciting conversations that are new and just opened I thought that I'd just leave a few examples and a template for this somewhat trivial conversation. Since I'm all over the place right now.
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          Jan 1 2014: Maybe this is what the UN should have a look at sometime in the future, a planet wide new years day?
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          Jan 2 2014: Happy new year~! Fritzie~!:)
          We have two kinds of new year to celebrate every year. The one on solar calendar is called"yuan dan", and the "spring festival" is on the lunar calendar which is the time for the biggest family gathering all over China.
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        Jan 1 2014: The UN has accepted "our" calendar as the official one, I just wanted to point out thet not all have accepted this.

        And Since you live in New Zealand you are not among "the first", universal time is counted by GMT and it is the countries that are on that line that get new years first, England, France and so on.

        Your are GMT +12/13 hrs so you get it somewhere in the middle.

        I didn't do anything special at all...

        EDIT: I was WRONG, you do get it among the first, sorry for my ignorance. Christmas Island/Kiribati and Samoa and Chatham Island get it before New Zealand.
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          Jan 1 2014: You're not the first to think this when they think about it as it is trivial. It will completely disappear when our kids or grand kids skim across the planet at speeds that will boggle us today. One day hopefully soon, I wonder if they will celebrate it differently...The Solar New Year?

          What if they crack the aging process? What then? Happy New Galaxy Year? I talk to a lot of old kiwi's and they generally feel left behind or they have a sense the world around them has picked up speed and driven off. The advent of the net and the rising new cultures developing online. I love dogging them, trying to get them interested, Grey power is coming online but it is rather conservative, bloody old fools.
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        Jan 1 2014: Good Morning Ken.....this is a good idea.....thanks! I hope you are enjoying the yummy breakfast with your family. I did my overeating last night at a lovely dinner party with friends, so I don't feel like eating ANYTHING this morning!

        It is 8:00am in northern Vermont, northeast USA....near the Canadian border, and it is 13 (F) degrees this morning.

        Happy New Year to everyone, and may 2014 bring peace to our world. For those not celebrating the New Year....peace to you as well. Peace is always good....whenever we can create it:>)
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      Jan 1 2014: Yes indeed Jimmy....peace is a journey, and every journey starts with a single step.

      Good link...are you aware of Jeremy's TED talk?
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        Jan 1 2014: I just got the biggest smile from your question. :D

        Yes, I'm very aware. I get emails from Jeremy regularly.

        I've actually watched EVERY TED Talk Colleen... But thanks for the info anyhow!
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          Jan 1 2014: You have watched EVERY TED TALK......WOW! Jeremy is certainly a mover and shaker....I LOVE it!

          Glad I could contribute to a smile my friend. Smiles are a carrier:>)
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        Jan 1 2014: Have you seen Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling?
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          Jan 1 2014: Yes indeed Jimmy, and here is one of my comments on that thread...

          "Colleen Steen
          May 23 2011: I wholeheartedly agree that smiling is powerful, contagious, healthier and a lot more fun than the alternative:>)"

          I would NEVER pass up the opportunity to promote, encourage and reinforce the value of smiling:>)
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    Dec 31 2013: Good Morning and Happy New Year! It is now 4:50 AM and I worked through it. It was a really good new year because friends made time to spend with me over the phone. I have to remember how thoughtful that is.
  • Dec 31 2013: Happy 2014....