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What are the best sources for reliable information on the web?

I know that this won't sit well with many of you but I'd say that it's Wikipedia.

And the fact that I'm referencing a Wikipedia article about the reliability of Wikipedia seems to be so contradicting and stupid, but before you criticize please check some of the sources provided in this article.



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    Dec 31 2013: I think YouTube is excellent. Plus there is a chance to comment and reply to comments on almost every video, I have learned quite a bit from conversing with people on YouTube.
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      Jan 1 2014: Youtube is great! But it can also lead you astray from the truth. I'm taking about reliability and validity of the different sources of the web.

      But thanks for your input Greg!
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        Jan 1 2014: well, I suppose you have to watch YouTube a bit critically and selectively, but really you have to do that with everything, don't you, Jimmy, I mean I read Wikipedia critically, too (by the way, I agree with you that Wikipedia is excellent.) But I often find YouTube relaxing and informative, it's nice to sit back and let someone else tell you the info rather than reading I mean my eyes get tired, my brain gets tired and with YouTube they can relax a little. I was just watching some interesting YouTube vids on lard, lard is something I got exposed to when I lived in L.A. and visited Mexican markets, but it's not something I know much about.

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