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the Dumbing down of America

Why is the media so full of garbage these days? I can't seem to find ANY decent movies to relax and watch without being bombarded with trash. T.V. is no better and don't get me started on music! It's all garbage! What's going on?! Has mainstream American values really decreased this much? It makes me so angry to know that this is what the future generation is being brought up with.


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  • Jan 4 2014: I believe that dumbing down of the media materials is originated from the dumbing down of our K-12 educational institutions. The media have to cater to the viewers interest and taste. When most of the high school graduates couldn't even read or write well, and have very little sense of ethics or morality, then they won't have the appreciative taste on the materials you and I like to watch with joy and appreciation. Suppose that from a survey, we know that 55% of the viewers prefer sexual and violence content, and 45% don't. The media managers chose to change the programs to mostly with sex and violence, or some silly comedies. But the viewing ratings wouldn't come up because they lost the 45% viewers permanently. The better approach is to improve the program catering to both categories of viewers, but they increased more of the violence and sex instead, in a vicious downward rating cycle! See reference to the dumb-down education below.

    Common Core Doesn't Add Up to STEM Success
    By Sandra Stotsky. Wall Street Journal, Opinion Section, Jan.3, 2013
    Common Core's deficiencies also plague its English standards, though its proponents have been selling the opposite line. Under the Common Core, complex literary study—literature close to or at a college reading level—is reduced to about 50% of reading instructional time in high school English class. The rest of the time is to be spent on "informational" texts, and more writing than reading is required at all grade levels.
    Why leaders of these organizations would endorse standards that will not prepare students for college majors in mathematics, science, engineering and mathematics-dependent fields is a puzzle. But no educational reform that leads to fewer engineers, scientists and doctors (or other professionals) is worthy of the name.
    (Ms. Stotsky was a member of Common Core's Validation Committee from 2009-10. She is professor emerita at the University of Arkansas.)

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