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Some countries have a low "safety net". Do you think a "ceiling height" should also be established?

Many countries have established a safety net in which to prevent a certain population of people within a society to fall below a certain poverty line. Things like cash transfers, subsidies and public services are set up to support these people.

With the increased divide between low, middle and high income people, in real terms perhaps this safety net has not been lifted high enough to keep up. Often in tougher economic times certain programs and schemes that make up this safety net are reduced or given up completely in response to budgetary measures and debt.

There are many measures to try and maintain a certain equality amongst income distribution in a society such as a progressive tax system, however perhaps more is needed?

Perhaps a higher limit should also be established to try and close that gap in an aim to try to distribute money more evenly and direct excess money (if any) to re-invest in businesses and the economy.

In some sports a salary cap has been implemented for the aim to try and create a more even playing field amongst teams so that a single wealthy club cannot entrench dominance over players.

Could a similar idea be used to control income distribution within an economy? Opinions, ideas, suggestions and alternative examples of this idea would be very interesting to hear.


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  • Jan 7 2014: I seriously doiubt that a high limit on income would help the poor. It would just mean that the rich would have to stop piling up money but it would not make them give up a dime of already accumulated wealth for the common good. they would just move their cash to the offshore accounts, live in foreign countries so as to avoid taxes here.

    The thing is, the rich just want to be richer and to hell with the poor.

    I wonder, just how much money does it take for a rich person to say enough?

    And that baloney about job creators is just that baloney!

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