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How would you challenge yourself?

What are the actions that you take in order to challenge yourself in achieving your goals?


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    Jan 1 2014: Hello David and welcome to TED conversations!

    I begin challenging myself every morning when I get out of bed! The body is getting older, less flexible, and more challenged, so to move in the morning is the first challenge of the day!

    Right after that task, I remember my mom, who died about 25 years ago at age 87. She used to get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and read the morning paper. She read the obituaries first, then with a twinkle in her eyes, and a smile, she would announce....."well, I'm not in there today, so I guess it's going to be a good day"

    I challenge myself with a belief that the life experience is an adventurous exploration, filled with all kinds of things to discover with curiosity and love....guess I got that from my mom:>)
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      Jan 1 2014: Very nice Colleen Steen,

      I like the idea of challenging yourself by simple thoughts and if the thoughts are as simple as you related, then it is even better. Thank you for your answer.

      PS: I really like your mom's attitude. I guess she was a very optimistic person.
      Have a nice day and a wonderful year!
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        Jan 1 2014: You are welcome David.....thanks for the question:>)

        Some may not think/feel that being optimistic is a challenge, but it can indeed be a challenge at times when we are aware of the challenges in our world. It is sometimes a challenge to believe in life as an adventure, in which we can learn and grow with curiosity and love. When we can get by that hurdle however, it helps to face the challenges with curiosity, love and eagerness to learn, grow and evolve while contributing to the whole:>)

        You have a nice day and a wonderful year too my new friend:>)

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