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Do you think religion should be abolished? Would a world without religion be better than one with it?

So far this topic has been clouded with uncertainty; and it is most certainly controversial. Has religion brought bigotry upon the world? Or has it helped in the ascend from savagery to civilization?
Also what would happen if people stopped following religion? Would sectarianism be abolished along with it? Or would the world be chaotic.
In the end, it all comes down to this: Is it the people who apply religion in corrupted ways who are to blamed rather than the religion itself? Or is the other way around?


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  • Jan 7 2014: Religion to me means, relationship with a higher power.

    We can use that to better ourselves, or to better the world.

    Anything that exists in this world can be used for good or for bad. That is not only religion but also guns.

    Emanuel Swedenborg said that if people accepted as their priority to love a God and to love their neighbour, all differences would simply be regarded as differences of opinion.

    I'd like to think humanity has improved through the ages. We can each give our own reason for why.
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      Jan 14 2014: Suggest loving our neighbours would suffice. No need to love gods real or imagined.

      being compelled to love Someone, even your creator, is kind of perverse
      • Jan 15 2014: I agree with you Obey. What makes you think you are compelled? You are not doing it now, right? Missing anything??

        Compelling and loving are two opposites, agree?

        You may be talking to traditional Christians.. I don't know, but as Swedenborgians we also oppose the "believe in Me or I'll send you to hell" approach. How can a God who says that, then say: "Love your enemies"??
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          Jan 15 2014: Good to hear.

          just your quote starts with advice or instruction to love a god.

          Suggest we don't need to love any gods to improve the human condition.

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